Collingwood Publishing & Media

Welcome! If you are looking for a publishing house that is focussed exclusively on the young adult and children’s markets then you have come to the right place. We produce hardback, paperback and e-books, along with screenplays, audiobooks, events and promotional video for our clients. If you teach or produce resources for education, talk to us about your ideas.

Collingwood Publishing was founded by John Simes in 2013 – John had previously created Collingwood Learning Solutions Ltd – now Collingwood Learning – in 2004. In 2013 he has published his first novel for the adult and young adult market, The Dream Factory ~ Ghosts. After a career teaching English and being a Headteacher and Principal of two of the UK’s largest comprehensive schools, it is a market he knows like the back of his hand. John has been joined by fellow writers and teachers, David Andersen and Tizzy Green. Tizzy is designing a new range of titles and media for pre-school and infant classes, while David will bring powerful new drama and screenplays to young readers.

Quite simply, our mission is to publish vivid, cinematic fiction across all our target age-groups and formats, that challenge and engage our audience to make meaning. We particularly want our readers to create new story and narrative and learn how to develop them into the finished article.

Our partner organisations can assist educators and trainers in developing new events, video and electronic resources to facilitate learning. We can also connect you with outstanding practitioners in the fields of conferencing and event organisation, and training. Whatever it is, talk to us.



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